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Drug Cases

Federal prosecutors are known to raise the stakes in complex crimes through pursuing additional money laundering charges. Underlying charges can be magnified if prosecutors can prove specific assets or property was obtained through illegal acts. When facing stiff charges, obtain help from a skilled defense attorney.

At the Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm, we have an extensive background defending clients accused of money laundering in connection to federal drug charges, mail fraud, wire fraud, embezzlement, and criminal tax fraud. We offer an uncompromising defense strategy. Attorney Nicole DeBorde is a former prosecutor for Harris County with the skills and tenacity to exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence obtained against you.

If you are accused of conspiracy drug charges in connection to money laundering, contact our firm online or at 713-526-6300 to schedule a free initial consultation. Former district attorney DeBorde is prepared to mount an effective defense strategy while mitigating any potential damages.

Position Yourself With an Aggressive Defense Strategy

Attorney Nicole DeBorde practices exclusively in criminal law. Her firsthand understanding of the allegations against you helps her uncover any contradictory evidence in the prosecution’s case.

Defense attorney DeBorde has a firm understanding of how evidence is collected and the steps prosecutors take to develop a compelling legal argument. She is prepared to stay ahead of the prosecution through scrutinizing the evidence gathered against you. Ms. DeBorde also consults forensic accountants to trace how assets in question were obtained. She is prepared to fight for the charges to be dismissed or greatly reduced through demonstrating the prosecution wrongfully inflated the charges against you.

Recovering Illegally Seized Assets

The federal government has the authority to freeze your bank accounts or seize assets obtained from illegal activities. Attorney DeBorde is committed to protecting your property through challenging any questionable wiretaps or search warrant violations. Our law firm consults forensic accountants to demonstrate property was purchased with legitimate funds.

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Contact our law firm today online or call us at 713-526-6300 to schedule a free initial consultation at our Houston, Texas, law firm. We offer extensive experience handling high-profile federal charges. Attorney DeBorde has gained the skills and credibility to seek a favorable resolution and mitigate the consequences of a conviction.

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