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If you are eligible for state or federal parole, we can help you. Based in Houston, the criminal defense team at the Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm assists individuals in preparing parole packets and with parole hearings.

We request an in-person interview and assist you on compiling a parole packet to demonstrate a stable life and environment if you are released. While each parole packet is tailored to your particular strengths, it typically includes the following:

  • Letters from potential employers indicating employment or an employment opportunity is waiting for you upon your release.
  • Letters from friends and family demonstrating to the parole board that you have a support system in place upon release.
  • Support letters may include information regarding transportation, housing, employment, and any other information that may be helpful in convincing the parole board you deserve parole.

We have substantial experience assisting clients with their parole packets and hearing before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. We will also take the time to help you understand the process and prepare you for an interview.

If you are coming up for eligibility for parole, or you are already eligible for parole and would like assistance from an experienced Houston parole lawyer and former district attorney, please schedule a free confidential consultation by calling us at 713-526-6300 or filling out our intake form. Let our parole board lawyers help you with your goal of obtaining parole.

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