Houston Cocaine and Methamphetamine Charges Lawyer

Houston Cocaine and Methamphetamine Charges Lawyer

Houston Cocaine and Methamphetamine Offenses Defense Attorney

Houston Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

The penalties for drug crimes involving cocaine or methamphetamines (meth) can be life-changing. An individual convicted of a serious drug crime can face large fines and in some cases, life in prison.

The Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm defends people charged with drug crimes in the Houston area. Attorney Nicole DeBorde has nearly 20 years of experience, eight of which were spent as a Harris County prosecutor. If you have been charged with a drug crime involving meth, crack or powder cocaine, contact our skilled Houston cocaine defense lawyer online or call 713-526-6300 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Drug Crimes Defense

Attorney Nicole DeBorde defends clients charged with a range of state and federal drug crimes involving cocaine and meth:

Both cocaine and meth are classified as Schedule 1 drugs in Texas. The penalties assigned Schedule 1 drug convictions are the most severe, but also dependent on the amount of drug involved. An individual convicted of a drug crime under this classification could face life in prison and fines of up to $100,000.

An individual may be facing heightened penalties if he or she is found to have precursors in conjunction with drug possession in Houston, Tx. Baggies, scales, precursor chemicals, and other materials can push a simple possession charge to a manufacturing or trafficking charge. In federal cases, crack cocaine offenses are punished much more harshly than those involving powder cocaine.

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To find out more about the defense of cocaine or meth charges, contact our Houston office online or call 713-526-6300. Attorney Nicole DeBorde offers a free initial consultation to discuss your charges and possible defense strategies. Se habla español.