Houston Title IX Defense and Investigation Attorney

Houston Title IX Defense and Investigation Attorney

University and Colleges Title IX Sexual Misconduct Investigations Lawyer in Houston, TX

Title IX investigations into sexual misconduct can present unimaginable stress and life-altering consequences to everyone involved. Complainants and accused students are entitled to have advocates represent them and help them navigate these complex cases. A successful outcome depends on having an experienced title ix defense attorney on your side throughout the investigation and through hearings. Our office provides zealous representation to students at colleges and universities facing the Title IX process.

University and Colleges Title IX Manuals and Limitation of Liability

Students can find themselves embroiled in a Title IX case when there are allegations of sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct can include criminal acts like harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, violence between dating partners, stalking, threats, etc. Some conduct, which may not rise to the level of criminal conduct under state law, can also be the basis for a federal Title IX investigation or case. Universities often have detailed manuals outlining specific intolerable behaviors to limit their liability in these cases. Contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys from Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm to discuss your case.

Rules and Protections for Title IX Investigations and Defense

Many people are surprised to learn that Title IX cases do not carry the same rules and protections a person might have in a court of law in Houston, Tx. The process can seem unfair, and the major consequences could include expulsion, a permanent record of misconduct, and severe reputational damage. Statements and evidence obtained during the investigation can also become relevant to criminal prosecution.

This type of investigation is not a process to navigate without a powerful defense advocate. Students confronted with these allegations should consult an attorney as soon as the allegations come to light and before facing questioning. The guidance of an experienced lawyer is mission-critical to leverage the best opportunity for a successful outcome. With extensive defense experience related to criminal cases involving sexual misconduct, our firm stands ready to assist students who encounter this process, including allegations, investigations, and criminal defense, should it be necessary.

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Nicole Hochglaube’s extensive prosecution experience involving sex crimes helps to develop a 360-degree defense strategy. The well-being of the student and their continuing education are our primary and collective concerns. Don’t navigate this investigation process alone. Contact the Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm immediately online or by phone (713) 526-6300.