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Molly P. Bagshaw

Molly P. Bagshaw is an experienced criminal defense attorney at Hochglaube & DeBorde P.C. in Houston, Texas. Continue reading to learn more. Molly won her first jury trial in misdemeanor court the same month she got her bar card. Since then, Molly has worked tirelessly on cases in juvenile, state misdemeanor/felony, and federal court. She also works on appeals and writs at both the state and federal level, parole revocation, and parole cases. She has successfully sealed juvenile records in Harris County for those wishing to clear their names and start anew.

Molly has written multiple grand jury presentations in state felony court that have resulted in “no bills.” She has also written motions for new trial that have been granted and multiple appellate briefs. Molly was named to the Federal Criminal Justice Act panel in 2020 and has successfully worked on many federal sentencings to earn great results for her clients. Clients that work with Molly love how she is so easy to reach and honest with them throughout the entire process. Molly’s Spanish-speaking and administrative skills make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Molly P. Bagshaw comes to our office with years of experience in criminal defense and education. Molly graduated from Princeton University with a major in Sociology and two minors in African American Studies and Spanish. Molly wrote her thesis on the racial disparities found in jury sentencing for men of color caught up in capital cases. Before and during law school, Molly worked for multiple public defender’s offices throughout the country (San Francisco, Georgetown Law, and Travis County Juvenile).

She also served as a Teach for America Corps Member in Fort Worth, TX and taught science and writing to a bilingual population of fifth graders in a Title I school for 2 years. Molly continued tutoring kids while living in San Francisco and later during the school year of 2017-2018 she taught a class KIPP: Northeast Prep instructing high schoolers about their legal rights in a course entitled Street Law. In law school at the University of Houston Law Center, Molly won multiple mock trial competitions and even was awarded the Jim Perdue Sr. Trial Advocacy Award. She graduated in 2019.

Molly’s passion for her work is evident in everything she does. She knows just how important these cases are and will fight for you at every step in the process.

Reviews: Molly P. Bagshaw

Molly is incredible!

Molly is simply outstanding. I feel privileged to have an attorney with her outstanding background, intelligence and work ethic. The first attribute you will notice and love is Her correspondence. She is always accessible. Normally attorneys don’t get right back with you. That is not the case with Molly she calls you back immediately and stays on top of your case from start to finish. The entire process went exactly as she told me it would in our first consultation. I cannot even begin to tell you what a relief it was to go through this process without any surprises. If you need representation get an attorney. If you need to win get Molly Bagshaw. My case took a little over a year and I think I went to court only two times she handled everything else. I’m not a paid spokesperson or a career criminal. Just someone who made a mistake and needed A lawyer That would care as much as I do about the outcome. Again folks Molly is that attorney. Please do yourself a favor and at least call her before you choose any other attorney to represent you!

Outstanding Attorney

Molly is an insightful, thorough and diligent attorney who defended me in her first trial. From her tenacity and determination in our opening statement to her fearlessness in closing arguments, Molly proved to be a strong and bold advocate for me and all future clients. You can trust that Molly will always give you 110% of her best efforts.

Dedicated, Professional, and Passionate Defense Attorney

Molly works tirelessly for the best possible outcome for her clients. She is extremely professional, prepared, and well-equipped to handle anything that comes her way. Molly was easy to reach and communicative, which was very helpful when trying to understand a difficult and confusing process. With ever-changing schedules, Molly remained flexible and patient – she made me feel as though I was the only client she had at the time. Even though she possesses a caring and compassionate demeanor, there is nobody I would rather have fighting my case in court. She is aggressive, smart, and savvy when litigating for her clients. I would highly recommend Molly for any case and was given great peace of mind knowing that she was representing me in such an important matter.

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