Houston Mail and Wire Fraud Attorney

Houston Mail and Wire Fraud Attorney

Houston Mail and Wire Fraud Lawyer

Defending Clients Facing White Collar
Criminal Charges

If you are accused of tax fraud or another white collar offense, you may face additional penalties for allegedly using a communication device to execute the crime. Secure your rights with an experienced mail and wire fraud defense attorney.

At the Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm, we offer an uncompromising defense strategy against white collar criminal charges. Defense attorney Nicole DeBorde was a district attorney in Harris County for eight years before starting her own practice. She is well-prepared to mount an aggressive defense strategy focused on exploiting any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you.

If you are under suspicion of criminal fraud charges, contact our firm online or at 713-526-6300 to schedule a free initial consultation. Former district attorney DeBorde will fight to mitigate any potential damages through demonstrating the mail and wire fraud charges were wrongfully inflated.

Offering Nearly 20 Years of Experience – White Collar Crimes

Attorney Nicole DeBorde has practiced exclusively in criminal law since 1994. As a former district attorney, Ms. DeBorde prosecuted individuals suspected of using a variety of communication devices, such as e-mail, cell phones, or telephones to carry out criminal activities.

Her background investigating individuals accused of mail and wire fraud helps her stay ahead of the prosecution. Ms. DeBorde’s firsthand understanding of white collar criminal charges helps her uncover any contradictory details or holes in the prosecution’s case.

Mounting an Aggressive Defense Strategy

In order to convict you of mail and wire fraud, prosecutors must convince jurors that you intended to commit fraud through the mail or when transferring money electronically. Criminal defense attorney DeBorde focuses on exposing any wrongful assumptions the investigators or prosecutors made.

She consults computer specialists and forensic accountants to demonstrate the claims against you are not supported by any hard evidence. Ms. DeBorde offers an aggressive defense strategy to help secure your civil rights when facing damaging charges, including:

  • Mail fraud — Information sent by the U.S. mail in connection to a crime could be charged as mail fraud.
  • Wire fraud — Additional penalties are pursued for complex financial crimes if money in connection to a crime was transferred across state lines via wire transfers, e-mails, phone calls, text messages or any electronic communication.

Attorney DeBorde is prepared to stay ahead of the prosecution through scrutinizing every detail against you. Our firm’s aggressive approach helps us develop an effective defense strategy focused on mitigating any potential damages.

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation – White Collar

Have you been accused of e-mail fraud? Contact our law firm today online or call us at 713-526-6300 for an experienced defense strategy. We offer free initial consultation from our law office in Houston, Texas.

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