Houston Federal Probation and Supervised Release Violation Lawyer

Houston Federal Probation and Supervised Release Violation Lawyer

Houston Federal Probation Attorney

If you face accusations of violating your probation, it is crucial to know your rights in this situation and the value of working with a Houston federal probation and supervised release violation lawyer. Penalties for violating the terms of your probation or supervised release can be severe, but it is possible for a violation to occur through no fault of your own. Whatever your situation entails, Hochglaube & DeBorde, P.C., can assist you in your defense.

Houston Federal Probation and Supervised Release Violation Lawyer

Houston Probation Violation Lawyer

At the Houston-based Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm, criminal defense attorney Nicole DeBorde offers her trademark respected and responsive representation to clients charged with violations of the terms of a Texas probation order.

If you have been arrested for a probation violation in the greater Houston area or elsewhere in south Texas, or in federal court, contact us today. Our skilled probation violation Attorney DeBorde brings nearly 20 years of experience to the effort of restoring your freedoms and returning you to your family.

Respected and Responsive Probation Representation in Houston, TX

The Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm can help on your behalf with issues including:

  • Community supervision
  • Motion to revoke probation
  • Motion to adjudicate
  • Early termination petitions

Probation violation defense lawyer Nicole DeBorde can negotiate with the court and get information from your probation officer on your behalf, with the ultimate goal of reducing any new charges and minimizing jail time for you.

If the alleged probation violation was the result of one or more missed appointments with a probation officer, an absence from treatment program or a community service shortcoming, attorney Nicole DeBorde can negotiate persuasively to explain the circumstances and facilitate your return to society.

Probation violations defense can be more complicated and challenging when the alleged violation is accompanied by an arrest for a new offense. Ms. DeBorde will work hard in your defense to limit the risk of an additional consecutive sentence.

The most common probation-related offenses typically relate to:

  • Drug crimes. Many individuals who are assigned to probation for drug-related offenses will be required to attend substance abuse treatment services and maintain contact with their probation officer. They are also typically required to submit to random drug testing, and if they fail a test or are observed by their probation officer to be under the influence, they can be cited for a probation violation.
  • DWI. Defendants on probation for DWI may face restricted driving privileges, be required to maintain contact with a probation officer, and submit to random drug and alcohol testing. Driving with a suspended license, failing a drug test, and breaking the law in any other manner are commonly cited probation violations for this type of defendant.
  • Weapons offenses. Probation for a weapon-related offense will likely require the defendant to surrender all of their firearms and ammunition, and they will be barred from possession or use of firearms as a condition of their probation.
  • Domestic violence. An individual charged with domestic violence is likely subject to a restraining order. While on probation, they will be required to comply with the terms of the order and meet other requirements as stipulated by the court. Any violation of a restraining order can have severe consequences. Along with the penalties for probation violation, they may also lose custody rights and owe civil damages to the victim.

When an individual has intentionally and knowingly violated the terms of their probation, a Houston federal probation and supervised release violation lawyer can still potentially assist them in mitigating the penalties that could be assigned to them. However, it is also possible for a probation violation to occur because of forces beyond the individual’s control, or they could be wrongfully accused of violating their probation.

Your Houston federal probation and supervised release violation lawyer can review the details of your alleged violation and explain your most viable defensive options. You may need to prove that the alleged violation only occurred because of an emergency. For example, you may be accused of driving with a suspended license after a DWI conviction but can demonstrate that you were assisting with a medical emergency.

Ultimately, your situation may not be as hopeless as it might seem. The right attorney can help gather evidence to support your side of the case at hand, prepare you for your probation revocation hearing, and argue for you to secure lighter penalties if you did commit a probation violation. Trustworthy defense counsel is just as essential in these proceedings as it is in any other type of criminal case.

Find Trustworthy Defense Counsel for Your Probation Violation Case

The Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm has successfully handled probation violation criminal defense for a number of clients in recent years. While you may be understandably distressed when you consider the penalties that might be assigned to you for violating your probation, you could have more defenses available to you than you initially realize. We can assist you in understanding these options and articulate your position in your hearing.

Be in touch with us in Houston today if we can help with your probation-related difficulties. You’ll appreciate our reputation for respected, responsive representation. Our team can assist you not only with matters related to an alleged probation violation but also with a wide range of other post-conviction matters you could face. It is crucial to reach out to a trustworthy defense attorney when faced with any such situation.


Q: Can You Get a Probation Violation Dismissed?

A: Yes, it is possible to get a probation violation charge dismissed in Texas. However, it can be difficult to secure. If you are charged with violating your probation and served a notice of probation revocation, you will have the opportunity to attend a hearing and explain your side of the situation. It is possible that the judge may determine that no serious violation occurred or that your situation does not require punishment.

Q: What Are the Penalties for Violating Probation?

A: The penalties for a probation violation in Texas can be severe and will vary from case to case. If a substantial violation is proven by a preponderance of the evidence to have occurred, the defendant may face their original sentence if they were given probation in lieu of the sentence for their original plea. They could also have their probation extended, fines added, and face additional conditions to their probation agreement or jail time.

Q: Can You Bail Out of Jail for a Probation Violation?

A: You may not be able to bail out of jail for a probation violation. If you are sent to jail for a probation violation, you have the right to request a hearing within 21 days of the violation. If you are assigned straight probation, bail may not be allowed in your situation. Bail can, however, be allowed if a defendant is out on deferred adjudication. An experienced Houston federal probation and supervised release violation lawyer can explain the specifics of your situation.

Q: What Happens at a Probation Violation Hearing?

A: During a probation violation hearing, a judge will listen to a defendant’s explanation for their alleged probation violation. It is important to remember that during this hearing, guilt is not determined under the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt but instead by a preponderance of the evidence, which is a lower standard of proof. Rules of evidence are relaxed for both the defendant and the state.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Houston Federal Probation and Supervised Release Violation Lawyer?

A: You should hire a Houston federal probation and supervised release violation lawyer because you have a far better chance of avoiding penalties or explaining the truth of your situation when you have legal representation on your side. Your attorney can help prove that you had a good reason as to why you violated probation or why you violated probation due to forces beyond your control. They can also potentially mitigate the penalties that might be assigned to you.

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