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Prisons in Texas and across the nation are filled with people who have been convicted of federal and state drug offenses. First-time users and small-time dealers could be sentenced to long prison terms. Even a small amount of cocaine residue located anywhere near you could result in incarceration.

Criminal defense attorney Nicole DeBorde offers nearly 20 years of experience handling serious drug charges, including drug possession and drug trafficking. Her years of experience as a former district attorney for Harris County can put her several critical steps ahead of the prosecution.

Contact our experienced criminal defense lawyer online or call to schedule a free initial consultation. Discover why Texans accused of committing serious state drug offenses enlist the legal services of defense lawyer Nicole DeBorde.

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At the Hochglaube & DeBorde Law Firm, we aggressively defend people facing serious state and federal drug charges, including:

Attorney Nicole DeBorde will carefully review the evidence obtained against you to ensure law enforcement did not violate any of your constitutional rights. If police officers failed to follow the law or proper procedure in collecting the evidence against you, that evidence can be suppressed. We offer an aggressive defense strategy focused on fighting for a dismissal or negotiating a favorable plea agreement.

We understand the especially harsh nature of sentencing guidelines in state and federal drug cases, especially when additional weapons charges raise the high stakes. Nicole DeBorde will work her hardest to put our law firm’s respected and responsive representation to work for you. We are committed to help you preserve your freedom and reunite you with your family.

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